Irish Setter Dog Temperament and Lifespan

March, 2016

The Irish Setter is a playful, fun-loving, and affectionate dog, always to spend good time. He can be very prankish and vaulting into the living room with your underwear in his teeth while guests are sitting there. Those dogs like to make fun and love people. They don't make good guard dogs, but can protect their family rather well when it is needed. However, they are perfect watchdogs and will always inform you of visitors or undesired intruders. They mature slowly and stay enthusiastic like a puppy for several years if not till the end of their life. Irish Setters are attached to their family members and cannot bear separation from them. They feel unhappy when left alone for several hours and may behave in a destructive way. These dogs needs a lot of space to run, that is why the best place for them to live is a house with a large, fenced yard. The average lifespan of an Irish Setter is 11 to 15 years.

How Much Does an Irish Setter Dog Cost and Price Range

If you wish to buy an Irish Setter puppy you are offered a few options. They can be as cheap as $300 if you opt a shelter or a rescue organization, source le tote. It is a symbolic adoption fee, and you get a microchipped, spayed/neutered, and dewormed puppy with the first vaccination. However, I would not recommend buying a dog from those places because you risk getting an individual with health problems. The adoption fee varies from shelter to shelter and depends on the location and state where you buy an Irish Setter. You can get a dog from a breeder for $650 to $1500 depending on the quality of the dog and your purposes. Find a reputable breeder and avoid buying a dog online.

Irish Setter Dog Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

An Irish Setter has a very beautiful coat due to which he has received the reputation of one of the most attractive dog breeds in the world. His coat is short and fine on the forelegs and head. The rich chestnut red or burnished mahogany coat is medium-sized and straight on the dog's body. You can see long, silky feathering on the belly, on the ears, on the chest, the backs of the forelegs and thighs, as well as on the tail. Before the show, Irish Setters are usually trimmed to better demonstrate the clean neck and lean head as well as the natural outline of the foot. You are recommended to brush your pet at least three times a week to keep his coat free from tangles and shiny. Check for debris each time you come back from the field or a hike. Bathe him no more than several times a year unless he rolls in something sticky and stinky. To minimize all-year-round shedding, brush your doggie regularly. A typical male Irish Setter is 27 inches tall and weighs 70 pounds; a female individual is 25 inches tall and weighs 60 pounds.

Irish Setter Dog Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Irish Setter are joyful, athletic, enthusiastic, and graceful dogs. Having such a dog you can be assured of never getting bored, as your friendly companion will always rock and roll you. It was initially developed as a bird dog, that is why he has inherited so much drive and energy. Most of all he likes doing new things and visiting new places, as well as running after birds. He has a strong hunting instinct. This dog requires at least one hour of exercise every day and is easy to train due to his natural inclinations to take part in such activities, as rally, obedience, tracking, and agility competition.