What You Need To Know about Homemade Heating Pads

April, 2016

It's winter soon, and people are starting to think how to warm their feet up during these long cold months. There is one really effective way of doing it quickly and efficiently - to cover yourself with a warm woolen blanket and stay in your bed for a few minutes. Usually, it takes no more than five minutes to warm up. But you can also heat your feet with the help of a homemade heating pad that is not difficult to make on your own.

Many of us still remember that we used to warm up sitting in front of a hot wood stove. This was a family tradition in many homes. The stove offered a lot of heat, so that everyone could warm up on a frosty winter evening. Unfortunately, the stove was located in one room only and bedrooms remained cold. In order to quickly make their beds warm many people used a hot stone that they previously wrapped in a towel. So, after taking all your clothes you could jump into the bed with this small heater. Usually, these stones were put by people's feet. The pot belly stove proved to be very efficient to heat up seven such stones every night, so that every family member has one in his or her bed.

Nowadays, however, most of modern people have an effective furnace in their homes. Unfortunately, it doesn't often prove efficient enough to warm up our feet under the blanket. Today, another secret appeared in order to help you in making your cold feet warm again - a pack of rice. A pack of rice, you may wonder? Yes, it is actually a sack with rice that is previously heated in the microwave oven and wrapped in a towel. It is very easy to make on your own.

This pack of rice may have any size you like. It can be large, medium-sized or small. In order to make a small one, you can use a wash cloth and to get a large one, find a simple hand towel. As for a medium-sized pack, you can use half a hand towel. It's highly recommended to use a dense wash cloth, towel or whatever you have chosen for creating your homemade heating pad. In any case, check up for the rice not to come through the small holes of the fabric. You may choose the fabric of your favourite color to be pleasing to your eye. It should be also pleasant to touch (remember you're going to sleep with it).

Small Pack of Rice. Find a suitable wash cloth you like in both touch and look and fold it in half. Then stitch it across in order to get a nice sack which has to be further filled with white rice that hasn't been cooked. This pocket should not be too full because you will need to mold it around your feet. After that stitch up the upper side. The received pad should be properly heated in a microwave oven for two to three minutes depending on the capabilities of your microwave oven and your desire of the final temperature.

Medium-sized Pack of Rice. A hand towel should be cut in half and the raw edge should be hemmed. Further repeat all actions described higher.

Large Pack of Rice. A hand towel should be folded in half. Then a row needs to be stitched down the middle of the towel beginning from the fold. After that you'll have to stitch up the two sides but leave the end open. These two pockets should be properly filled with rice. Don't make it too full. The upper edge should be stitched as well. You'll need to spend more time heating the large pack.

At first, these homemade heating pads will feel damp, even after heating them in a microwave oven. There is nothing surprising in it - rice has moisture in it. After a few times of heating it will lose it and your sacks will be dry and warm. It will dry out soon. Don't try to wash these packs unless you take the rice out of them. Of course, you can wash them, but there is no sense in doing so, as they are very cheap and easy to make. You can simply throw out the old ones and make new ones.